LARRY DEVALL - HighTideGallery


Our metal sculptures by Larry Devall in copper, brass and bronze  are showstoppers!

Check out all of Larry's designs including seaturtles, fish, pelicans, flamingos, palm trees and sunbursts at High Tide Gallery. 76 San Marco Avenue #B I St. Augustine, FL 32084 I 904.829.6831


A hobby that had spanned 20 years became a reality in 1995 when Metal Sculpture by Devall was created. Larry Devall's metal sculptured works have found their way into homes and businesses around the globe. Devall also has been commissioned to create custom sculptures reflecting the logos of various businesses and organizations. The color and accents caused by the torch are protected with a Special Varathane plastic coating. This coating is used on the product and does not yellow, crack or allow the metals to tarnish with age. Each piece is hand-made and no two pieces are alike.