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Boxed Set of Silkscreened Holiday Cards by Nancy Hamlin Vogler: SILVER DOLPHIN TREE

NANCY HAMLIN-VOGLER prints her own greeting cards using the traditional silkscreen printing method. Each image is separated into different color areas, then made into a stencil or ‘positive.’ The positive is photographically ‘burned’ onto a prepared screen, and then pulled by hand to deposit the colors onto paper stock, as many times as is required for the desired effect. The result is luminous layers of ink, with a multi-dimensional quality. Each image is thus an original artwork.

Nancy established her art company Eastern Sun Printworks in the late 1980’s, just before she and her husband moved their family to St. Augustine. “I create all my artwork in my backyard studio, one block from the famous Fountain of Youth,” Nancy says. Eastern Sun Printworks has received five LOUIE FINALIST nominations, an honor for such a small company amidst the giants of this industry.

The Hamlin-Voglers still live in the nation's Oldest City, where they enjoy the warmth, history, and inspiration of this small city. Nancy is also known for her large mixed medium figurative and abstract drawings. These works are exhibited both locally and at juried art shows throughout Florida.