Jessica Drew - Main Painting


St. Augustine’s Jessica Drew is a self-taught artist who as a child would spend hours and hours drawing and painting out in the woods of north central Florida. (They had 10 acres and only three television channels.)


Painting was what she loved to do most in her free time. Jessica took art all four years of high school and some in college, but said she lost her creativity for many years.


But then one day, when she saw one of her young sons pick up a crayon and get swept away putting his imagination on paper just as she used to do, she remembered how much she too loved to create.


Jessica picked up a paint brush again and found her way back to my favorite medium, watercolors. Today her favorite subjects to paint are catholic art, portraits, beautiful Florida and sometimes very whimsical children's art.


Stop by the Gallery to browse Jessica’s collection or call the Gallery at 904.315.6690 to inquire about purchasing Jessica’s artwork.


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