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Main Photo - Heron on Marble - Artist Adriana Lulkoski.jpeg


Artist Adriana Cabezas de Lulkoski draws from her love of nature and her lifelong passion for dance in creating her art.


The daughter of accomplished fine arts painter, Jose Cabezas of Spain, Adriana had art coursing through her veins from birth and then honed her skills at several schools in Mexico and Spain.


Adriana is both a former ballet student of La Escuela Nacional de Danca de Belles Artes in Mexico City as well as a graduate of Universidad de San Fernando - Madrid with a Bachelors Degree in Artes Pasticas. She has also studied painting at Cercle Artisca de Sant Lluc in Barcelona.


Adriana is inspired by the striking beauty, within innocence, displayed by birds and flowers. Many of her works showcase muscles in motion, with ballerinas and horses being among her preferred subjects.


Now living in St. Augustine, Adriana misses the rustic beauty of Mexico and Spain, and therefore, enjoys depicting scenes from her fondest memories of the old countries. Recently, Adriana has begun using an array of natural stone as the foundation of her art. The beauty of the stone lends rough texture and color variations that only nature can dream up.


Over the centuries-long formation of stone, a myriad of stories, faces, and figures have become trapped within. When peering into the stone, Adriana often discovers their secret enigmatic histories and uses her paintbrush and mixed media to help the characters relate their ancient mysteries.


Adriana is now turning her artistic aspirations to the telling of Saint Augustine’s history - the antiquities of old are springing from yet older stone, with some surprises and fantasy also popping out.


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