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Lori Royce

"I started as a child drawing boats, trees, and the Florida beaches. I would inhale beauty all around me and attempt to capture that beauty for all to enjoy"

Lori Royce is best known for her explosive colored sunrises, sunsets, and seascapes capturing the most magical moments of mother nature. Royce studied at Ringling College of Art and obtained her BFA Degree from Florida International University in Miami. 

Royce's many accomplishments include television along with modeling in movies, film and print. Royce has also worked for both Wayfair and VIDA as an artist and clothing designer. She now chooses to direct her full artistic creativity to sharing her art with others.

" I'll always be an artist. I breath easier when I create. Being an artist is who I am."

                                  Lori Royce


Stop by High Tide Gallery to explore Lori's work and take home a little tranquility.


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